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Ads on Snapchat – Are they worth it?

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There is an average of over 265 million Snapchat users every day, which makes this platform one of the most popular and useful ones, especially for e-commerce marketing.

Let’s have a look together at how digital advertising works in this part of the internet :).

Ads On Snapchat Cost

The daily minimum budget required for running Snapchat ads is $5. After that, it is depending on your business needs to set up a campaign budget.

The same as for Facebook Ads, the prices of your campaign will vary depending on your target audience and the competition in that particular sphere.

Are Snapchat Ads Legit?

Over the past few years, Snapchat has developed its Ads capability. However, compared to Facebook or Google, the geo-targeting on Snapchat is lacking some huge points, as you are only allowed to advertise in 39 countries.

Another downside that it’s much talked about, is represented by some cases where Snapchat Ads have sent users to, for example, fake news.

But frankly, this does not take Snapchat off your options, especially when running an e-commerce store. And if your ideal audience is formed of millennials and Z-Generation, then Snapchat is definitely a platform to consider for your advertising and these ads are indeed legit.

Are Ads on Snapchat Worth It?

According to Statista, in 2021, the social messaging app’s estimated net advertising revenues are projected to reach 2.62 billion U.S. dollars, up from 1.53 million U.S. dollars in 2019.

That is showing substantial growth and shows that Snapchat’s hard work on improving their Advertising model and platform is paying off.

Snapchat Ads Specifications

Snapchat has as well, its own conditions when it comes to what type of content can be advertised through their channel.

A very important thing to keep in mind when advertising with Snapchat is the lower consumers age that your ads would reach to, which starts from 13+.

You must not include in your ad anything that encourages violence or promotes in any way alcohol, tobacco, or even adults services (such as strip clubs).

The same as Facebook Ads, Snapchat reserves the right to review your ads, and you should ALWAYS double-check the legal requirements so you wouldn’t get in trouble.

When it comes to size specifications, Snapchat offers different types of Ads which all vary in size and requirements.

For example:

Single images or video Ads will need a 1080px x 1920px resolution.

Collection Ads should have 1080px x 1920px resolution and a 3-180 seconds length.

Different specifications apply for Story Ads, Lens, Filters or Commercials.

E-commerce Advertising On Snapchat

If you are operating an e-commerce business, you should definitely want to pay attention to Advertising. And here should not be a question of x or y, but rather, x and y. So if you are wondering what to choose between Snapchat and Facebook, don’t look at it this way. Instead, give both, or even all of them a try, test as much as possible and find what suits your business most.

When it comes to Snapchat, it is definitely something to look at. They have some cool Dynamic Ads style, which will allow you to upload your catalogue of products and they will display it to your target audience. This is a pretty cool feature and this way you won’t need to worry about all of the technical parts of getting that perfect sized ad.

Another advantage of this format is that as product availability or pricing changes, the Snapchat ads will also automatically adjust. And for an e-commerce store, this might be the key to success. If you have more than one product that needs to get known, then this could really be a help.

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